Foot Lotion

Foot Lotion

A. 13 Lotions That Will Save Your Sad, Cracked Feet

The feet can get very bad, very quickly. Is there anything worse than cracked heels or callused toes on … anyone? Not! Fortunately, minimal maintenance is necessary to ensure your feet are never too out of control. (Also, go to the pedicure every now and then; don’t be awkward.) During the drier, colder months, your feet are more likely to have the same dry skin as the rest of your body. And while using a body lotion for relief is certainly better than nothing, a lotion specifically formulated for your feet is the best. Moisturizes dry areas without completely suffocating your feet. Here are 13 solid options, all under $ 30.

1. Gold title

With all things, you can’t go wrong with gold bonds. This is ideal for calloused feet.

2. Burt’s Bees

If rough spots are more of a problem, Burt’s Bees uses coconut oil to smooth these areas.

3. Happiness

Peppermint is an important ingredient in foot creams. First of all, it smells great and also leaves a refreshing feeling so that your feet don’t appear to be covered in lotion.

4. Palmer’s

For any type of dry skin, there is no problem area that Palmer is unable to attract. This foot formula is great after a shower and before bed.

5. Eucerin

Make dry feet year-round a part of your routine. Eucerin Repair Cream is light enough to be used after a morning shower.

6. Dr. Jart +

Hey, your feet get very dry at times. Very, very dry. Give them extra love with a foot mask.

7. Caudalie

Caudalie is a specialist in superhydrating lotions that leave no residue. Let your feet dry one second after application and you are ready to use.

8. C.O. Bigelow

A very important trick for dry skin: after bathing (not too hot, as hot water will dry out the skin), apply lotion everywhere, including sensitive areas such as the feet. Go to bed and wake up with the least cracked heels.

9. Gehwol

Gehwol doesn’t just deal with drought. This cream also disinfects and deodorizes, which in turn protects against athlete’s foot, blisters and questionable odors.

10. Aveda

If you tend to have calluses or scaly spots, Aveda’s foot relief minimizes and prevents the appearance of spots.

11. Mayrons goods

The beeswax in this lotion makes it very effective, and the clover and cucumber make your feet smell of fun. Use it while relaxing around the house.

12. Kiehls

Problem areas require special attention. Use this option to treat permanently dry.

13. L’Occitane

L’Occitane makes a lotion that you just want to use. You can practically feel how your skin feels less dry after application.


B. 14 Foot Creams to Soothe Your Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

Flakes and calluses do not stand a chance against these skin protectors, all recommended by our favorite foot specialists: Podiatrists and Podiatrists.

For many of us, the words “foot cream” are inherently a non-sexy couple. However, the dry indoor air, many walks and even exercises at home are recipes for rough and scaly feet. Aesthetics aside, less flexible feet can also be uncomfortable – or even painful.

The reason our feet look rougher than the rest of our bodies is often due to simple physics, according to Hillary Brenner, a New York podiatrist with specialized training. “Each time we walk we put a lot of pressure on our body weight, and the friction between our feet and the ground can cause them to dry out,” she told Allure.

Another culprit of thick crusts and calluses is that some of us don’t get rid of keratin as quickly as others. If you suspect you may be one of those people, “use heel sandpaper in the shower to remove dead skin and smooth out calluses [before getting a foot cream],” advises manicure Rita Remark. Exfoliating first with a pumice and then with a moisturizer is the best way to make sure you are not blocking the moisture needed to keep your feet soft.

When you have your pumice colored and ready, it’s time to apply any of these 14 luxurious foot creams. We ask professionals who know something about feet to share their final recommendations from brands like CeraVe, Dr. Teal’s and Burt’s Bees to share.

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, if you purchase something through our retail links, we may receive an affiliate commission.

1. Ancient Greek remedy for feet

Take care of dry and distressed skin on your heels and feet with the Ancient Greek Remedy foot balm, a recommendation from New York podiatrist Jacqueline Sutera for sensitive itchy feet. “This rich balm contains a mixture of organic oils that do not contain parabens or other potentially harmful or irritating ingredients,” she says. The vegan mixture is infused with various oils with antioxidants, including extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E.

2. Vermont original bag balm

Vermont’s original bag balm is an indispensable resource for New York’s Gina Edwards manicure. The thick lanolin-based moisturizer was specially developed to soothe and repair dry, cracked and callused skin. Curiosity: the formula has existed since 1899 and was originally used on farms to prevent the dairy cow’s udder from cracking in cold winters.

3. OPI Pro Spa moisturizing massage cream with whip

The Sigourney Nuñez manicure, from Los Angeles, is poetic about the hydrating massage cream with whip OPI Pro Spa. “It has a very good balance between slip and absorption,” she tells Allure. The decadent, souffle-like cream is made from moisturizing glycerin and avocado oil, as well as shea butter and cocoa to help restore moisture. The formula also contains collagen-building peptides that keep skin supple and supple over time.

4. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream

Blind and calloused feet have no chance against the intensive moisturizers (glycerin, lanolin and coconut oil) of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream. When your feet are rough or swollen, vitamin E soothes your skin and soothes inflammation. We also appreciate the subtle aroma of coconut-vanilla, even if you only smell it when you take off your socks.

5. Dr. Teas, a pure Epsom salt foot cream

With Pure Epsom Salt Foot Cream from Dr. Teal can help relieve tired and sore feet. In addition to Epsom salts, soothing to the muscles, it contains aloe vera and shea butter to help soften scaly skin. Apply moisturizer after an intense workout or other activity that puts a lot of effort on your feet and don’t be surprised if your feet look and feel significantly better a few hours later.

6. O’Keeffe foot cream for healthy feet

O’Keeffe’s Healthy Feet Foot Cream works with a combination of glycerin, allantoin and paraffin in very stressed skins and supersecret on the feet and heels. As your feet are more likely to dry out and calluses, look for urea, an ingredient that helps moisturize your skin while exfoliating. “Urea is an essential part of skin care and serves both as a natural moisturizer that holds water and pulls it into the skin where it belongs, and to transport cracked dead cells to the curb,” says the certified dermatologist Adam, Friedman told Allure earlier.

7. AmLactina foot treatment with foot cream

Lactic acid in AmLactin Foot Repair foot cream hydrates and reduces ultra-dry, callused feet. Before sleeping, apply the soothing formula to your feet, put on some socks and you will wake up with visibly softer skin.

8. Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly

You probably have a tube of 100% pure petroleum jelly somewhere in the bathroom – also known as Emily Splich’s “favorite shower after bath” in New York. “Vaseline is a sealant, which means that it retains water and moisture from the skin,” she explains. “I recommend that patients wrap their feet in saran [plastic] or socks after applying petroleum jelly to maximize the [softening] effect.”

9. L’Occitane Shea Butter Foot Cream

Remark loves L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Foot Cream not just because of its stylish packaging. “[The formula] is quickly absorbed, hydrated and leaves no sticky residue,” she says. It is also mixed with arnica, a natural skin healer.

10. Foot repair therapeutic balm Earth Therapeutics

Splichal recommends including Earth Therapeutics Foot Repair balm in your bedtime ritual. Relaxing chamomile and antimicrobial tea tree oil work together to “fight odors and fungi while softening your feet,” she explains.

11. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic

Brenner bets on cocoa butter as an emollient and moisturizing ingredient for dry feet. We are very excited about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Foot Magic formula, a creamy formula based on cocoa butter that really lives up to its name. Nor do we complain about the infusion of refreshing peppermint oil, which is like a sigh of relief for tired feet.

12. Intensive foot cooling rescue The Body Shop

We will be cursed if it rains dry cuticles on our pedicure parade. Note recommends Body Shop’s Intensive Foot Cooling Rescue to soften your toes, stat. She also likes the formula’s refreshing effect, which relieves sore feet from contact.

13. CeraVe SA cream for rough and rugged skin

If you want to keep that thick-skinned thing strictly proverbial, Splichal loves CeraVes SA cream for rough and rugged skin, which is great for breaking off calluses and tough skins. “This was voted one of the best foot creams by my patients,” she adds. “[They] prefer this to most prescription foot creams.”

14. Eucerin Advanced Repair Foot Cream

The commentary swears that, thanks to a combination of lactic acid peeling and 10 percent urea, Eucerin’s Advanced Repair Foot Cream works against dryness, cracked heels and stubborn calluses all at once. We love how the formula is light and non-greasy to the touch.


C. The Best Foot Creams for Your Stank-Ass Feet

All products presented at GQ are selected independently by our editors. However, if you purchase something through our retail links, we may receive an affiliate commission.

I don’t understand foot fetishes. I mean, it’s for everyone, but few people really care about their feet. That’s why it looks like a work of art when someone hits it: smooth skin. No calluses or cracks. Just buttery, soft – wait a minute, do I have a fetish for clean, healthy feet?

Fetish or not, there is a lot to appreciate in a well-kept hull. But you don’t need a crazy regime or a dermatologist with a grinder to have beautiful feet. Often, it all comes down to using just one product – a foot cream. The right cream, balm or bowl will keep everything smooth, free of fungi and, perhaps most importantly, without a bad smell. This is doubly important (and twice as difficult to achieve) when you stand up all day. I speak with athletes, waiters, walkers, postmen, car salesmen, corn producers, sandwich makers, paparazzi and stroller parents out there. So, we tried all the good foot creams and chose the best. Here are the six that stood out.

1. Mayron’s Goods FEET Foot Cream

Mayron’s Goods FOOT cream guarantees dryness with shea butter, beeswax, marigold, chamomile, avocado oil and vitamin E. Clover and cucumber complete the fragrant freshness. Get into the habit of working with your body’s regeneration cycle every night after your bath. You will wake up with fresh soles – with scented ones.

2. Advanced Clinicals Cracked Heel Rough Spot Creme

If your reader is the not-too-proud owner of mounds of yellow, cracked, dry and dead skin on the bottom of their feet, add the Advanced Clinicals cream to your cart as soon as possible. He’s overflowing with avocado oil, shea butter and lactic acid (it’s not scary, believe me) to protect his balls and heal his heels. Lactic acid gradually dissolves dead skin and continuous use ensures that any dying skin is pulled out and removed, leaving room only for healthy, flourishing skin cells. Also, order a new pair of sandals, as soon you will be showing off your bare feet a lot more.

3. Blue Lagoon Iceland Foot Balm

Like the Blue Lagoon itself, this foot balm is rich in silica, which helps maintain moisture by strengthening the skin’s moisture barrier. It is also loaded with a number of emollient and moisturizing ingredients: cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil and shea butter, to name a few. Give it as a gift to a partner or friend with embarrassingly calloused feet – even if it is passively aggressive.

4. Baby foot scrub for men

This mint-scented foot scrub is unique. You will wonder if it works during an hour’s immersion. You will also question its effectiveness the next morning. That’s because it takes a few days to start peeling – and it can take up to a week to peel. But believe us, it works. All dead skin is falling off your feet in an almost alarming way (you have a lot more dead skin than you think). After the peel, all that remains is healthy, soft skin like a baby. Your feet have been born again.

5. Eucerin Advanced Repair Foot Cream

Eucerin’s alpha-hydroxy and urea-rich cream attacks dry skin and dissolves calluses and rough areas. It is one of the cheapest foot creams out there and one of the most famous (there is a reason why you see it on the shelves of all drugstores). It is also rich in ceramides, which help to strengthen the skin’s hydration barrier so that your feet do not lose softness in the process.

6. Derma-Nu Therapeutic Foot Oil

OK, so it’s not a cream, but this quick-absorbing oil is your over-the-counter shortcut for fresh feet. This will expel unwanted residents – in this case bacteria and fungi – from the heel to the nail and keep them away. It’s good for everyone, but it’s important for athletes and anyone whose feet sweat on their shoes for half the day. With a mixture of vegetable oils (jojoba, argan, olive, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus and mint), Derma-Nu’s product softens, soothes, nourishes, disinfects and deodorizes the feet.