Foot Henna Designs

Foot Henna Designs

A. 13 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs for 2020

Mehndi hand drawings can be found all over the Internet. However, we do not find the same variety in mehndi foot designs. There are several types of mehndi drawings for feet and we have found some of the most recent ones for you. This list will help you get ideas for the perfect design for your feet. You can also check out some other posts on simple and easy mehndi designs for inspiration.

1. Mehndi floral foot designs

The first design is simple and easy to make, a floral pattern that is suitable for a wedding party or festivals. The main motifs used in this design are vines and petals. Another variation of this pattern is one with lotus flowers.

2. Mehendi heart feet designs

This design is ideal for Valentine’s Day or Karvachauth. There are times when you don’t want to opt for a complete mehendi pattern for your feet. This is when having some simple but beautiful ideas of patterns will help you. Heart motifs are usually used in mehendi Indian designs.

3. Modern mehendi foot patterns

If you want to opt for a more modern mehendi design for your feet, you can check the following patterns. These patterns are inspired by the art of Moroccan henna. These designs are a refreshing change from traditional Indian designs.

4. Rajasthani style mehendi foot design

We have seen Rajathsani style hand drawings. Here we have three drawings for feet for you to look at. The drawings used are similar to those used for hands. These designs would be suitable for brides since they are heavier and more complicated.

5. Gujrati Style Mehndi Designs for Feet

Although most people are familiar with the Mehndi Rajasthani standards, very few have heard of Gujarati-style Mehndi standards. The truth is that Gujarati Mehndi has a rich and long history. The patterns are very similar to Gujarati Kutch’s embroidery.

6. Arabic Mehndi foot pattern

If you know anything about mehndi, you’ve probably heard of mehndi Arab patterns. These designs are especially popular among the engaged mehndi artists. Although the patterns are a bit more complex, you can leave out some details or add your own.

7. Mehndi mandala foot patterns

Our favorite on this list: Mandala mehndi standards fit all occasions. Whether it is a wedding or karvachauth or even if you are looking for a mehndi pattern for your child, the mehndi mandala pattern will make you stand out from the crowd. When putting this pattern on its feet, it is important to choose a suitable cone that does not spill too much paste. For mehndi mandala patterns, go for the full-color mehndi.

8. Pakish-style mehndi foot pattern

Mehndi is even more popular in Pakistan than in India. In fact, Pakistani styles are often more intricate and complicated compared to traditional Indian patterns. In the designs below, you can see the difference in the motifs used. The design has thinner lines and smaller motifs that cover the entire foot.

9. Mehndi ankle pattern

Now you can get a mehndi tattoo style drawing painted on your ankle. These drawings are inspired by western tattoos and usually do not include ethnic motifs. Some drawings go around the foot, while others are minimalist, like what you see in the image.

10. Mehndi full foot patterns

We have a separate station with full mehndi foot patterns if you are looking for more complicated patterns and options. Here, we have selected simple patterns where you don’t have to worry too much about accuracy. These patterns look as good as the more elaborate ones when well done.

11. Toe mehndi patterns

We have already listed some mehndi patterns for your feet. Now let’s talk about toes! We know that any pattern you choose for your toes, however beautiful, can go unnoticed. However, many people ignore their toes in their mehndi toes patterns. This can be a good opportunity to stand out. The simple, feminine pattern that we choose is appealing without being lengthy.

12. Mehndi leg and toes design

We saved the most enticing drawings for the end. These intricate patterns cover the entire foot, including the leg that goes to the knee. The circular patterns look better on the leg. The second photograph shows an ornamental pattern designed specifically for the feet.

13. Mehndi side foot pattern

If you want your mehndi motif to cover all your feet, you can choose one of the patterns in the following images. The first one has flowers and vines, the easiest motifs to reproduce. The second is a geometric pattern inspired by African henna styles.


B. 10 Latest Foot Mehndi Designs Never Seen

For centuries, the feet have been used as an artist’s canvas to draw various mehndi patterns. In India and some other cultures, mehndi is applied to the hands and feet of the bride at weddings and other important occasions. The drawing on the feet can be completely coordinated with that of the hands or can be different. With the use of black, red and orange henna, it is possible to draw different patterns and styles of mehndi feet. Check the bridal makeup tips to take care of your skin before D-day.

1 This mehndi drawing is an example of the mehandi Rajasthani drawing. You will see the typical “mirror art” where the drawing is exactly the same on both feet, making it a mirror image of the other.

The peacock motif is beautifully decorated, with some intricate drawings. It just covers the feet, giving it an underestimated aspect. This mehandi design is ideal for brides and for any occasions or domestic parties.

2. Mehndi black is quickly gaining popularity worldwide. This mehndi foot made with all black mehndi gives a peculiar look to the traditional mehndi design. The veil leaf pattern is used to cover most of the space within the sleeve leaf motif. The patterns on both feet are different from each other, which makes this design look unique.

3. This foot pattern is a perfect example of Arabic mehandi design. Only bold floral and leaf motifs are used to cover the feet, in typical Arabic style. This drawing is clearly organized, simple to create and easy to apply. This mehndi foot design can be used by women of any age and for any occasion.

4. Another example of the “art of mirroring”, the drawing on both feet is a complete replica of each other. The first part of the feet is covered with a sheet of veil and flowers and the leaves cover the whole foot and extend to the middle of the legs. This mehndi drawing is suitable for brides.

5. Arabic mehndi art is widely popular throughout the world due to its simplicity and abstract designs. The drawing of the flower and leaf starts from the thumb and extends to the calf. The black mehndi is used to draw the margins and the henna is used to fill the whole drawing.

6. This design adds a modern touch to the traditional mehndi pattern. Unlike the usual patterns, the design is drawn only on the sides of the feet. Complicated details such as sleeve leaves are filled with the veil-leaf pattern. The design is designed with black mehndi, which improves the look. This mehndi foot pattern can be used by women of all ages.

7.This of the mehandi foot designs is an example of the Marwari mehndi art form. Many intricate details have been added to give this particular design a traditional touch. The design covers the entire feet and the motif of the sun in the end will definitely please the brides.

8. If you are a beginner in mehndi art, then you can try this particular drawing. This drawing is very suitable for simple occasions or for people who do not want to exaggerate. The leaf pattern on the ankles increases the beauty.

9. This is the perfect choice for brides who love mehndi’s elaborate design on their wedding day. A very simple mehndi design is drawn on the feet with orange henna. Bright stones of different colors are used to cover the whole design. Small transparent stones are carefully placed over the design to give it a more elaborate look.

10. With the proper use of black, red and orange henna, different shades can be added to the drawing. The floral pattern looks exquisitely beautiful and makes this design suitable for a bride. Bright golden stones were used to draw the edges of the floral pattern to give a unique look. Small golden colored stones are carefully placed on the design…. If you are looking for another mehndi bride’s foot, then the design receives thumbs up from us.